Bolton parkrun Volunteer

Bolton parkrun Volunteer
Every  parkrun only happens because of the time and dedication of volunteers.   First, and most importantly, parkrun never  ask anybody to do anything they’re not comfortable with. If you don’t want a  particular task, please let the team know and they will happily give you an  alternative job. Nevertheless, none of their tasks are too stressful. You could  be organising the finish funnel, operating the timer, or registering the  runners’ positions on the computers; they try to start people out on a general  marshalling type job, so you get a feel for how they operate. But if you really  want to do something in particular, please let parkrun know and they’ll see  what they can do.

Becoming A Bolton parkrun  Volunteer
Volunteering  at Bolton parkrun really couldn’t be easier: simply email, tell them  that you would like to register as a volunteer, and whether you would like a  weekly reminder, a monthly reminder or indeed if you don’t want a reminder at  all. The volunteer co-ordinator will send out a reminder email, either at the  beginning of the week or at the beginning of the month (depending on which  option you chose). If you feel like volunteering then just respond to the mail  and you will be rostered when you want. If you don’t want an email reminder,  just email them whenever you feel like helping (early in the week would be  best). Later in the week parkrun then send out a roster to everybody who has  volunteered that week.

Your Name In Lights
parkrun  like to recognise and publicly thank all their volunteers, and your name will  appear on their home page in the ‘This Week’s Heroes’ section. They also keep a  log of what tasks everybody has done. To do this you need to be registered on  their system. Most volunteers have previously run at a parkrun event, and so will already be on the system. If you have not registered, it’s really easy to  do so: just go to the parkrun  registration page and fill in the simple form.