Chair Based Exercise Instructor Training

This course is currently on hold until further notice. However, a booking form can be requested from the team at or ringing 0800 458 9029 and you can be added to a waiting list.

The Chair Based Exercise Training Course is FREE and consist of a Half Day Workshop and a 2 Full Day course. It is open to anyone, working or living in the Bolton area, who is interested in promoting and delivering Physical Activity for Older People, either as a volunteer or as part of their employment.

Here are examples of some of the topics which are covered on the course:

  • The Ageing Process and the Case for Exercise
  • Barriers to Exercise and Motivation Strategies
  • Health and Safety
  • Medical Conditions Associated with Older Populations
  • Practical Guidelines to delivering Chair Based Exercise classes
  • The Exercises
  • Relaxation Technique
  • General Checklist

Prior to accessing the training, individuals must attend at least one chair based exercise class in the local community so they have an understanding of what is entailed.

On arrival at the course you will be given a Chair Based Exercise Training Manual and following successful completion of a short theory and practical assessment you will receive a CBE instructor certificate.