Weight Management

If you have been referred to the Specialist Weight Management team via your doctor or nurse you will have access to our Physical Activity Support Programme. Individuals with a BMI of 40 or above are accepted onto the Specialist Weight Management Service. Once you have been seen by the Specialist Weight Management Consultant, and it is agreed that you are suitable to take part in activity, a referral form will be sent to the Get Active team. Our Get Active Referral Advisor will contact you by telephone and arrange an appointment for when is convenient for you. Don’t worry if you haven’t exercised in a long time, have any medical conditions or the thought of exercise fills you with dread! We are here to help you make a physical activity plan that’s right for you to help you on the road to a more active lifestyle.

Referral pathway


You will find a list of activities below which have been specifically designed for you. You can even record your activities on the online activity diary which we encourage you to try to help support you in achieving your goals.

Please note these sessions are only available to those individuals who have been referred to us. For general sessions please check out our activities on the main website.


This session is designed for Individuals who find land based activities restrictive and have mobility problems such as arthritis. You will be offered 10 sessions and your referral advisor will assess if you are suitable to attend this session.

When: Mondays 18:00 – 18:30
Where: Bolton One Community Leisure Centre (view map)
How much: £2.00
Who: Jennifer Tiltman


Hydrotherapy Maintenance

This session is for those who have completed the beginner hydrotherapy sessions at Bolton One and are wanting to continue.

When: Tuesdays 12.00 – 13.00
Where: Jubilee Centre (view map)
How much: £2.00
Who: Alex Carolan


Many of our patients reported that they enjoyed swimming but did not feel confident to access public swimming pools, we have set up a private swim session just for you.

KARLY_2_HEADSHOTWhen: Wednesdays 18:15 – 19:15
Where: Turton Swimming pool (view map)
How much: £3:00
Who: Karly Baguely


Gym sessions take place at Bolton Arena with a specialist instructor who will support you on a weekly basis taking into account any medical conditions you may have. A great place to start if you haven’t been active for a while and are looking for some extra motivation and support.

When: Appointments are flexible to suit you
Where: Bolton Arena (view map)
How much: FREE
Who: Gaynor, Dan & Caroline

Gentle Circuits

This class is set up with a variety of exercises at each station. You will spend 30 seconds to a minute on each one and each exercise can be adapted to allow for any problems such as weakened grip, reduced shoulder mobility. It’s also a great chance to meet others in the program who can share similar eperiences.

When: Tuesdays 15:00 – 16:00
Where: Bolton Arena (view map)
How much: FREE
Who: Gaynor & Dan

Strictly Get Active

A fun dance class incorporating strictly come dancing moves into an aerobics style class. Although no dance shoes are required!! Funky music, fab Instructor and fun! Come and join in. Suitable for all.

When: Wednesdays 11am – 11:45am
The Fitness Room (view map)
How much: FREE
Who: Becki Gerrard

Bike Riding

With specialist comfort seats, three wheelers and four wheelers, go at your own pace on the outdoor track. Don’t worry if you have not ridden a bike for a long time we can help you to feel at ease.

Leverhulme Park (outdoor track)
How much: FREE
Who: Graham/Elaine

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