Anna Smith


Get Active Referal Advisor

I joined the team in 2012 to develop the Get Active referral pathway. I have worked in the field of health and physical activity since 2005 after completing my degree in Pyschology, health and exercise. I have previously worked for the NHS in East Lancashire and Central Lancashire encouraging people to stay active and eat well. My role within the Get Active team focuses on helping individuals who may have medical conditions that want to become active and those needing extra support to take those first steps in becoming active. I currently work with Specialist Weight Management patients and cancer patients, providing opportunities and support for these Individuals to become more active.

Interesting Fact:
I have climbed Ayres Rock in Australia and Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand!!!

Excuses for not being active:
I’m too tired!! it’s too cold!!

How do I do it?
I like to keep things varied and have something to work towards. After becoming bored with my usual gym routine I decided to have a go at a triathlon. Borrowing a bike, and having not swam since school I nervously took on the challenge and loved it! The key for me is to plan plan plan, keep my kit handy for those days when my excuses to not exercise emerge. I love the social aspect, exercisng with others is such a motivator. Find something you love to do rather than feel you have to!!

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