Have you been thinking about becoming more active and don’t know where to start?

Follow this online assessment to help increase your physical activity in a way that suits you.

Are you helping yourself?

Select this option if you want to find activities suitable for you.

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Select this option if you are a health professional or are looking to help an individual become more active.

Q1. How would you rate your fitness level?

This is to find activities that will be at a suitable level for you by selecting what you think your current overall fitness is.

Q2. What level of physical activity do you think you could achieve?

For example, if you are just starting out, you might want to begin with gentle exercise.

Q3. How important is it for you to be more active than you are now?

This is to identify how important becoming more active is to you at the moment. There are many benefits to becoming more active but identifying ones that are personal to you will help you to make positive changes to your activity levels.

Q4. Why is it important to be more active?

It is important to explore the reasons why you want to be more active than you are now as this is your motivation for doing it

Have a think about the reasons why it's important for you to be more active before clicking to the next screen.

Q5. What areas can you travel to?

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Choose your area(s)

The more areas you tick the more activity options you will have. Maybe consider taking a friend to share the travel costs? Or walking part of the way?

Q6. Do you have a preferred day or days for activities?

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Remember, if your week changes, visit again and look at what other activities are available.

Q7. Cost – would you prefer . . .

Most of our activities are free or at low cost...

Your current choices will produce a limited number of results. To increase the number of activities available, you might want to revisit some of the questions and expand your search e.g include more days you can be active on.

If you're happy with your choices so far feel free to continue.

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