Ageing Well Case Study 4

How did you find out about and get involved with the Ageing Well programme?

Just over a year ago, there was publicity through posters and word in the community that Age Concern, Bolton, were starting an Ageing Well programme at Quebec Hall.

I had also been to Ageing Well presentations at other locations and was impressed with the healthy life style approach. I have always been interested in a healthy life style approach. I have always been interested in healthy life style topics such as walking, exercises, health talks etc.

How was your health prior to attending classes?

Fortunately, I have been lucky and in reality did not suffer from anything other than old age!! But as mentioned before, I had managed to keep reasonably fit by walking when possible and also keeping close eye on my diet too.

Can you mention the benefits you have gained by attending the classes?

I think along with many others I have benefited in so many ways since regularly attending the sessions at Quebec Hall every Thursday. Firstly, we are made to feel welcome and personal touches and considerations make us feel part of the organisation.

Firstly, we do exercises and while there is a fun part to it, there is also a serious message as well. In the exercises there is not just a physical aspect but also elements of mental alertness are built in it so that helps us in our daily living.

I certainly feel better and more flexible in things I am able to do now compared to before. I think, the core of people coming to Quebec Hall have become a nice friendly unit and we share a lot of things together during our lunch time and afterwards too.

I have enjoyed and benefited from the health talks as well as community awareness issues that have been presented to us all. The presentations from fire officers regarding safety in the house and also crime prevention from the community Police, made us all aware of simple things we could do ourselves for our own safety.

Another aspect that has made Quebec popular has been the fact that the language is not a problem as well as the music and films of our liking are always there for us to relax and enjoy.

My only regret is that I am the only man who attends the group.

I enjoy going to the class every Thursday and I am sure I am not the only person, as we all feel valued very much.

I appreciate all the work that people are doing at the Quebec for us all.


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