Ageing Well Case Study 3

How did you find out about and get involved with the Ageing Well programme?

I got a letter and also posters in the community informing people that Age Concern were starting a multicultural luncheon club with emphasis on healthy life style issues. I thought this was worth trying with my conditions. My family have been very supportive too. I always attend the activities at Quebec and when possible go to Asian Elders class too.

How was your health prior to attending classes?

In reality I was in poor health as I had just come out of hospital, having spent almost a month there. A fair amount of time was spent in the ICU unit as my oxygen level was dangerously low and I was having difficulty breathing. I have problems with my lungs and heart so I was scared of walking as well as doing anything strenuous. So my physical activity was very limited.

Can you mention the benefits you have gained by attending the classes?

Firstly, I feel more confident going out on my own and much more importantly I have made new friends by going to the classes. I also make an effort to attend local events and functions that are organised in the local area. When possible I try and spend a couple of hours away from home every day and when possible go for short walks too. Now I do not need as much help with even getting dressed. I am able to do my own things without much help and feel more independent.

I do feel more energetic, more flexible, and I know my general balance is better than it used to be prior to attending the classes.

The exercises are delivered to us in a very relaxed, friendly and comfortable manner with plenty of fun included too.

What is also good is that some elements of the exercises also help us with our own co-ordination and also helps us with our mental agility too.

I have also enjoyed the presentations that have brought us more awareness in our daily lives – i.e. community fire brigade, crime prevention and discussion on osteoporosis etc. The day out at last year at the country park was wonderful and memorable as it was fun for all of us.

I love attending the classes and always look forward to them every week as we all are made to feel welcome and part of a group. We all help and support one another too.

I know that by attending the classes my life style has changed, as I am much better physically and also have gained friends. I am also now more aware of issues relating to healthy diet too. I am just glad and grateful these classes are available to us.

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