Ageing Well Case Study 2

How did you find out about and get involved with the Ageing Well programme?

I am Edith Chambers from the New Testament Church Day Centre in Bolton. We are mostly from the Caribbean Community and every Wednesday we get together at the Centre for some activities and a Caribbean style lunch with friends.

Since the year 2003, we have been part of the Ageing Well project. Most of our members are over fifty years old and retired. I heard about the Ageing Well project, as the newly appointed co-ordinator – Chan Parmar came to see me and we decided to give the exercises a chance and here we are still part of Ageing Well and going strong.

How was your health prior to attending classes?

During the time I had a mini stroke and also had difficulty to grasp things. I also had a limp on my right side too. Along with my determination, I am sure the regular exercises have helped me a great deal in my better health at the moment.

Can you mention the benefits you have gained by attending the classes?

The exercises have been a huge benefit to us all. I certainly feel more flexible, much more confident and mentally alert as well.

Ageing Well is also not all about exercises but also about greater awareness too. We have had numerous health talks on topics such as; healthy eating, blood pressure, looking after the heart, strokes and others. During the summer some of our members have also gone out on a short walk to the park and played games and had fun outdoors.

I am happy that our group is part of the Ageing Well project as there are benefits all round for us all.

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